Welcome Pres Riddler!

Jeff Busche, former acting President, and Emily Painter, former Secretary, have departed the board of Roanoke IMBA after serving since its inaugural meeting in October 2011. When the board was developed they took the roles of Secretary and Trails Chair, then Jeff volunteered to take the lead when Skip (former president) resigned. Jeff and Emily were crucial to the development of RIMBA and their contribution, from large scale, like revitalizing Price & Patterson Mountain trails, establishing Roanoke’s first Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day, and planning what we hope will be an annual holiday party shared with BRBC and any other bike clubs who’d like to join in, to the less seen, but crucial to functioning tasks of the President, like insurance coverage, negotiating with the city, Parks and Rec. and others, to purchasing tools for trail work.  We’re appreciative of their efforts while we welcome, Craig, a former board member, and new acting President. We’re sure that he’ll manage the details while building the fun-factor that a club like RIMBA should have.

Craig says, “The main goal I’m hoping we can achieve is to provide a good foundation for social community amongst all trail user groups.  Additionally, I’m hoping we can continue our efforts in local trail advocacy and maintenance/building.” Craig adds that he’d like to be as inclusive as possible with “cross-socializing.” “Outdoor enthusiasts are one tribe really,” he says.

RIMBA is still in need of a secretary, so if you or anyone you know is interested, please contact Emily at secretary@roanokeimba.org

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