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Explore Park, Where History & MTB Racing Unite

Wake Fulp, leader of the East Coaster’s Junior Cycling Team, provided the following updates happening at Explore Park. Thanks to Wake & the Junior Team for all of your work. We look forward to the upcoming race season!
Per Wake:
The  JR Team will be hosting the Roanoke Valley Junior Mountain Bike Series this April through June. It will be a 3 race series with the 1st race on April 12th which will also be the 1st race in the VAHS (Virginia High School) series. We will have the final 2 dates secured this week and a website within 2 weeks. All 3 events will be at Explore Park. We will be offering Varsity, Junior Varsity, Elementary A and B for 8-6 years of age, Youth 5-4 and Youth 3-2. Both of the Youth classes will be free. There will be overall series awards for Varsity, JV and Elementary classes as well as overall school award for each class.
Roanoke County Parks Department has given me the opportunity to restore and re-route the current trails. We have a 4 mile loop that we are working on for the series which will start by the river at the old “Journeys End” store. From the starting area riders will climb the road and turn onto the Nature Trail and take right on the upper section to connect to the Intermediate Trail. After crossing the bridge riders will climb and take a left onto the Endurance Loop and will take that to the Inner Loop until they come to our new connector trail which takes riders down an optional bolder drop and into a super fun banked turn to a jump finish to connect with the River Trail. Riders will follow this until the 3rd dirt road on the left that takes you to the stable. From the stable riders take a right and do a loop around the historical village before shooting over the bridge and back to the finish.
Trail projects completed so far include: Trail head, road connector trail for the Nature Trail, the restoration of the trail right after the bridge on the Intermediate Loop, which included moving 3 huge boulders in place, Inner Loop connector with the River Trail with an A and B line and this Saturday we started on the restoration of the Endurance Loop. Future projects include, finishing the Endurance Loop, re-route of the switchback climb after the bridge and building a 3 foot high 180 degree berm near the creek on the Intermediate Loop.

THE Holiday Party

Maybe you’re wondering why RIMBA has joined with the Blue Ridge Bicycle Club for a holiday party, and one which is taking place well after Christmas trees are back in attics and new year resolutions are already being broken?  Some of us thought it might be a good idea. Here’s why:

We may love bikes of only one type, or of all shapes and wheel sizes, but we can’t all ride together –your downhill bike and my road bike just won’t do. We can, however, collaborate, compromise, and get together over a drink in celebration, in honor of the machine(s) which have changed our lives immeasurably, and indirectly made us friends, riding companions, improved our relationship with the natural world,  with our sons and daughters, or with the youth otherwise at risk of maladies of poverty.  It makes sense that we should toast to the New Year, to the glowing future of cycling in the Roanoke Valley, and to the bonds that bring us together.

When the BRBC suggested early January to accommodate their board elections, we said, “Sure, that’s fine with us.” No one needed one more party packed into December anyhow. And now it’s January, a new year, a fine time to reconnect, catch up, and welcome new folks.

We hope you’ll join us for the first ever Roanoke IMBA and Blue Ridge Bicycle Club Holiday Party this Saturday, January 11th at Parkway Brewing. Membership to at least one of the clubs is encouraged, and required if you wish to have a drink or bite to eat on us.

You can join Roanoke IMBA by going to our website, click Join, and select Roanoke IMBA as your Chapter. You may also join at the door. You can also come, check us out, chat us up, and decide after the party. Either way, we look forward to seeing you Saturday!