Price Mountain, Patterson Creek

Price Mountain, Patterson Mountain, and the valley separating them have long been home to an extensive back-country trail system. Yet, despite being only 40 minutes from downtown Roanoke, it has remained mostly unknown to trail users in our area. As a result, the trails have been largely neglected due to lack of use and interest. In fact, these trails were on their way to vanishing for good.

In the Spring of 2011, RIMBA took up the cause to bring this trail system back. Working with the USFS, it was determined which trails could be re-opened.  Over the past year and a half, volunteers have been busy with saws, trimmers, Macleods, and Pulaskis. So far, 14 miles of singletrack are now open. When finished, this trail system will boast ~20 miles of singletrack, with very good looping options.

These trails are classic Virginia backcountry goodness. Most are ridgeline trails, so they are physically demanding with some very challenging climbs. The reward is the beauty of these remote ridges, and some spectacular downhill runs. We encourage you to ride the trails that are now open, and to come out and help us open the rest.

Patterson-Roanoke Area Map


For maps and information on how to become involved with this effort, visit our web site, or send an email  to:

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